Saturday, May 4, 2013

F- Jokes
The Dog and the Cat

   hi               wanna                           said
 "Hello, Dog want to play with yarn?" asked Cat.
                   don't    wanna                           Let's                           .   said
" No, Cat I do not want to play with yarn. Why don't we play fetch?" replied Dog.
                    don't  wanna                      wanna                               said
"No, Dog. I do not want to play fetch. I want to play with yarn." commented Cat.

A+ Jokes
from: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

"Watcha doin'?"
"Eatin' chocolate."
" Where'd ya get it"
"A doggie dropped it."

Stupid Jokes

" Let's mow the grass without the lawnmower."
"What do you want on your hotdog?" "Everything except the sausage, ketchup and bun."
" Knock, knock." " Who's there?" "Elephant." "Elephant who?" "  Ferret wants a sweet potato."

Mad Libs!!!!

Oh, no!!! There's a key in the closet!!! Skip away from it! It's going to consume Theodore!!!
Curly, Moe, and Joe skipped as fast as they could. The key had a enormous mouth, puny eyes, and a beautiful nose. It strolled down the stairs and..... to be continued....

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